Smartbedded Meteobridge Nano Datalogger

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The Meteobridge NANO is a tiny plug-in device that dramatically extends the features of your Davis Instruments® Vantage Pro2™ or Vue™ weather station. The NANO is simply plugged in the expansion connector underneath the cover on the back of the console. When you close the back cover again this upgrade is completely invisible. The NANO adds a full Meteobridge feature set to your weather station setup which includes tons of services you usually need a full PC solution for. The NANO just takes about 1 watt of energy and therefore is dramatically more power efficient than using a PC or even a Raspberry Pi.

The NANO connects as a WiFi client to your WLAN at home and can be administrated by a web browser. That makes it very convenient to work with it, you just sit in front of your browser and do all the settings. Initial setup is done by connecting with a mobile device to the WiFi that the NANO itself does provide. Here you do all the network settings to have the NANO included into your own WiFi. Current encryption standards like WPA2 are fully supported. NANO operated on 2.4 GHz band and supports WiFi modes 802.11 b/g/n.

When being included into your WiFi network at home you can decide to have all of its network IP settings received dynamically from your router (DHCP) or to define credentials manually by a static setup. The NANO can even reach out through proxies to the Internet, if those don’t require authentication. The NANO shares with the other Meteobridge products that you can even login for administration when you are away from home. This is simply done by setting the “allow remote login” switch and storing the URL for external access as a bookmark on your traveling browser. You don’t need to fiddle with your firewall or to setup any dynamic DNS service for that. In case your router might give the NANO spontaneously a new IP and you will not be able to reach it in your home network with the IP you have used so far, you just browse to and you will be redirected to the current IP in your home network. These advanced network features are making it as convenient as it can be for you to operate the NANO in your home network and when being away from home.