Smartbedded Meteobridge Nano SD Datalogger

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From a hardware perspective the NANO SD is simply a NANO with a microSD card inserted. The microSD card slot is hidden between the two PCBs and fully operational on all NANOs out there. That means every NANO can be upgraded to a NANO SD. As a result the NANO SD is mainly operated like a NANO, it can all do a NANO can plus some extra. There is not much difference when you look onto the base operations.

The Meteobridge NANO SD is a tiny plug-in device that dramatically extends the features of your Davis Instruments® Vantage Pro2™ or Vue™ weather station. The NANO is simply plugged in the expansion connector underneath the cover on the back of the console. When you close the back cover again this upgrade is completely invisible. The NANO adds a full Meteobridge feature set to your weather station setup which includes tons of services you usually need a full PC solution for. The NANO just takes about 1 watt of energy and therefore is dramatically more power efficient than using a PC or even a Raspberry Pi.