Smartbedded Meteobridge Pro Weather Server

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With the success of Meteobridge the question how to put this to the next level was obviously on the table. Our answer is to get independent from reflashing third party router platforms and to build a platform that ideally suits the need of a Personal Weather Server. Doing so the design goals were easy to set...
  • keep low power foot print and find ways to monitor power use
  • keep size real tiny
  • get rid of necessary USB hubs
  • add permanent storage for local data persistence
  • integrate RF features to directly readout data from Davis sensors
  • equip with proper RF and WiFi antenna
  • allow direct GPRS/3G operation with a optional standard USB mobile dongle
  • add a database for permanent storage of data
  • allow flexible data exports, where data can be picked up from SMB share or sent via mail of FTP
  • have some sensors in the box itself (pressure, temp, hum)
  • some kind of status and data display would be great
  • sensor data graphing features out of the box would be great

After a quite some months of prototyping and new HW/SW design we are going to release this unique new bundle of dedicated hardware and advanced Meteobridge software as the new Meteobridge PRO.

You can find a datasheet about the Meteobridge PRO here, which summarizes the key features on three pages.

Meteobridge PRO can graph weather data in a very versatile way and can feed those graphs to your web server to be integrated into your web presence. You can see some of the predefined examples on the right.

Units hit the markets in January 2016. There are two versions, one with the Vantage RF receiving capabilities and the shiny red caps, see picture) and one without (which will have black caps). Units always come fully licensed, license transfer from standard Meteobridges is not planned.

The introduction of the PRO will not stop further development of the standard Meteobridge. They share 90% of the code and will be both further developed, of course with the PRO offering much more options.