Theta AR200-H 2 Axis Ultrasonic Anemometer with Heating Function

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AR200-H is a robust ultrasonic wind speed and direction sensor with aluminium alloy construction and heating system. The sensor is solid-state with no moving parts, using ultrasonic measurement technology to detect wind speed and direction.


Wind power station


Electric power safety monitoring


Meteorological monitoring


Bridge and tunnel






Urban environment monitoring


Measurement Based on Ultrasonic

 AR200-H uses ultrasonic to determine wind speed and direction. The measurement is based on transit time, the time it takes for the ultrasound to travel from one transducer to another, depending on the wind speed.

The wind measurement is calculated in a way that completely eliminates the effects of altitude, temperature and humidity.


High accuracy and free-maintenance


It has no moving parts, and it is resistant to contamination and corrosion.

It measures accurately and produces reliable data in demanding wind conditions and climates without periodic or on-demand maintenance.

Configurable data output

Analog signal output support voltage and current output optional;

Digital signal output support ASCII and MODBUS communication protocol, or customize